Another event with producers from the Region of Acaraú

The ICS has done another event with the producers in the Acaraú region, state of Ceará. We have discussed the principles of mutual responsibility in the Carnauba productive arrangement, traceability, good handling practices, and new scenarios, along with the government agencies about fieldwork supervision. At this event, we could count on the presence of the Agrocera CEO, exporter, and former producer Marcelo Carvalho Sombra. In his words, he emphasizes the raw material consumer industry necessity to buy of producers with a documented social history, where there is no evidence of bad working conditions.

“We need to organize ourselves and understand that the market pays the bill. We need to encourage the producers to see that the harvest season is an opportunity to generate income for the communities. Ethical trade is what Agrocera values most in its commercial relations, in that sense, there is no space for informality.”