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Impacting lives and improving the quality of work in the countryside.

Instituto Carnaúba

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We were born by the desire to make a social impact on people’s lives. We honestly believe that individuals, companies, and organizations can develop actions to achieve the goal of improvement of socio-environmental sustainability at countryside. Our efforts are focused on caatinga biome which is well known as the natural habitat for the carnauba palm tree, a plant that is responsible to sustain and support most communities in northeastern, Brazil.

ICS is an organization that looks to strengthen and encourage the best working practices in dignified conditions, for workers and suppliers who are involved in the carnauba wax supply chain. The legacy of our actions is the improvement a technical knowledge through training, and incentives to improve human development in communities that work with Carnauba.

As a foundation, we believe that education is the key to transform societies, generating new behaviors, and reducing inequalities. Our programs are based on three fundamental pillars, education, improving working conditions, sustainability.

Our partners are always asked to contribute to build a better world where people, biodiversity and economy can coexist on a sustainable basis.

We seek better working conditions in the field.
We promote dialogue between companies, governments, and civil society.
We have developed improvements in the structures of school institutions in northeastern Brazil.
We strengthen the best teaching and learning practices in rural public schools.

We want to improve the quality of life and work at the countryside.


Our mission Is to develop socio environmental education initiatives promoting development of those communities that use carnauba palm trees as generation of income.


Our objective is to generate engagement through multi stakeholder partners to create a network of people involved in the unique desire of make a difference.


Bring socio-environmental sustainability to carnauba manufacture chain.