Amigos do Produtor

A program that brings quality of life to producers in the carnauba chain.

About the project

This program was specially developed to encourage the improvement of work conditions in the field, it has held public lectures and seminars for small, medium and large suppliers in communities and cities that produce carnauba powder, which is well known as a raw material to a globally used product carnauba wax.

Since 2018, we have been engaged in bringing dignity to workers at countryside.

General objectives

Develop a training program for producers in the carnauba wax production chain on the need to implement collective / corrective actions that promote fair trade and traceability of the final product.

Specific objectives

  • Technical training on good manufacturing practices at harvest time to raise awareness of good management practices and use of individual and collective safety equipment (PPE and EPC)
  • Distribution of educational booklets;
  • Raising awareness of quality of work in the field for carnauba producers.
  • Implementation of a field loyalty program to ensure traceability of the final product through bi-monthly field visits.
  • Coverage in the main producing states: Piauí, Maranhão, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

Our actions