Agroescola Verde

Education is a social process, it is development. It is not preparation for life, it is life itself

About the project

As a foundation, we realized how neglected the rural public schools are, so we set to ourselves the objective of improving the learning conditions of children from rural areas. We design a partnership with companies and the government to rebuild and restore schools that are in rural communities. 

The program aims to improve the quality of teaching through the empowerment of schools.  

 We bring shareholders closer to the rebuilt schools and thus a solidarity network is built to bring hope for a better future for children. 

General objectives

Promote the development of sustainable awareness among primary school students through educational actions in public schools.

Specific objectives

  • Training of qualified human resources through the training of volunteers on the topics covered by the project.
  • Development of monthly educational actions in the adopted schools.
  • Develop projects with undergraduate students at the Federal University of Piauí on environmental education, in the adopted schools.

Our actions