Approval of the Green Agroescola Environmental Education Project

We are very proud to announce that the ICS has approved a project which involves environmental education in the schools adopted by the program “Agroescola Verde”, in partnership with professors and students of the Federal University of Piaui.

The Project named “Educação ambiental através da arborização escolar e valoriação do extrativismo vegetal com ênfase na cadeia produtiva da Carnaúba”( Enviroment education through school afforestation with emphasis on the Carnauba supply chain)  an  Project which was developed from the partnership between the Professors of the Federal University of Piaui, Dr. Jesus Rodrigues Lemos and  Dr. Maria helena Alves, and  the ICS environment project manager Silvania Nogueira.

The chosen school was “José de Ribamar Oliveira Filho”, located in the country side of Araioses, a village called “Remanso”, in the state of Maranhão. Approximately 80 students will directly benefit from it.

Among the activities taught in the program are, vegetal extraction, and fair trade to present social and economic development of the agrobusiness activity, when developed inside the fair-trade principles.